edgar clinks

Beginning as a solo project, edgar clinks was formed amidst the soft inland murmur of Ridgewood, Queens where Joe played shows with his roommates while apprenticing as a shaman & studying writing at The New School. Shortly after graduating, Joe relocated to Providence where the ‘classic’ edgar clinks line-up was assembled. Patrick, a fellow New School grad, metaphysical poet & abstract painter (reminiscent of the work of early 20th century Russian abstractionists), found a bass in the dumpster behind the Johnny Rockets on Thayer Street & learned to play within weeks. Joe knew Sean from the cover of “My Own Worst Enemy” by Lit that Sean had posted on Soundcloud. Once Joe discovered Soundcloud had a messaging function, he composed a lengthy & desperate plea to Sean: begging him to drum for edgar clinks. 

The Providence trio has been clomping around together all summer, playing shows & listening to the Magnetic Fields & stuff. They even wrote an album. It’s called i live in a tree these days. (Because they do.) 

Contact: joegaudiana@gmail.com