Motel TV

Motel TV are a four-piece indie-rock band born out of the backwoods of suburban Connecticut and currently splitting time between CT and Boston.  Featuring members of Brooklyn pop superstars Slam Donahue, Connecticut veteran bands High Pop and The Guru, and Boston basement favorite Stumpf, the group blends crunchy guitar tones, sugar-sweet melodies and airy synth sounds to craft their brand of lofty, sedated pop music.  

Members David J. Otto (guitar/vocals) and Jordan Caulfield (drums) grew up minutes from each other in central Connecticut, their respective bands playing shows together locally throughout their formative years; after the demises of Adam Straus' (guitar/keys) band The Guru and Otto's group Slam Donahue, the two decided to embark on this new project, with Caulfield and Donnie Waite (bass) joining shortly thereafter.  

Motel TV's new EP 'My Ice Cream is Melting' is out August 5th on Super Wimpy Punch and Counter Intuitive Records.  The four song offering's swirling, ethereal guitars and slow, tranquil rhythm create an atmosphere of introspection and beauty that will leave you sitting in silence for minutes after the end of the last track, before throwing it on again from the beginning.  Best listened to with your eyes closed.